Porter Stansberry with Aaron Brabham

Ep 57: Alex Jones Blasts Piers Morgan on Stansberry Radio

  • 01/18/2013
  • with Alex Jones
Alex Jones shares his thoughts on his appearance with Piers Morgan on CNN.
Renowned radio host returns to Stansberry Radio to blast Piers Morgan. He also breaks down gun laws and conspiracy theories.

This Episode's Guest

Alex Jones

Alex Jones  is an American talk radio host, actor and filmmaker. His syndicated news/talk show The Alex Jones Show, based in Austin, Texas, airs via the Genesis Communication Network over 60 AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations across the United States and on the Internet. His websites include Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Mainstream sources have described Jones as a conservative and as a right-wing conspiracy theorist.  Jones sees himself as a libertarian, and rejects being described as a right-winger. He has also called himself a paleo-conservative. In a promotional biography he is described as an "aggressive constitutionalist".  Alex Jones has been the center of many controversies. Jones has accused the US government of being involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and September 11 attacks.