Ep 167: Get Ready for $150 Oil Prices

  • 01/23/2013
  • with Dr. Kent Moors

Episode Snapshot

Dr. Kent Moors makes his oil predictions.
Dr. Kent Moors, energy expert and consultant to the world's largest oil companies, tells us why oil prices will trade between $100 and $150 a barrel in the years ahead. Moors also says the geopolitical risks in the oil industry are the greatest they've been in decades. He believes one particular risk could result in oil prices spiking $40 a barrel inside of a few days.
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This Episode's Guest

Dr. Kent Moors


Dr. Kent F. Moors is an internationally recognized expert in global risk management, oil/natural gas policy and market risk assessment. Moors has been an advisor to the highest levels of the U.S., Russian, Kazakh, Bahamian, Iraqi and Kurdish governments, to the governors of several U.S. states, and to the premiers of two Canadian provinces.


A prolific writer and lecturer, Dr. Moors has authored six books and over 750 professional and market publications. He has appeared over 1,400 times as a featured television and radio commentator in North America, Europe and Russia, including ABC, BBC, Bloomberg TV, CBS, CNN, NBC, Russian RTV and regularly on Fox Business Network.